Miss Kelley O.

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Heard this over and over again at the #KelleyFamilyReunion in Nashville. We don’t say this to the people we love enough, and now I will definitely do it more often #SpreadLove
"I can’t wait to live in the world that you are going to create," said @iamdiddy to the #HowardUniversity #Classof2014. Jess, I am so proud and grateful that we could share the experience of Howard as sisters! 😘😘😘 (at The Valley @ Howard University)
You made it, Jessica Clarke Williams! Now where’s Diddy?! Lol  (at The Yard at Howard University)
Yay for little sister Jess! Another Howard Graduate in the family…who’s next? πŸ˜ƒ  (at Howard University)
#tbt Baby Kelley!
Wild Alaskan salmon with maple and Cajun seasoning topped with panko bread crumbs. Side of quinoa and sautéed green beans. #fridaynightbites ☺️ (at Williams Manor)
I say tomato you say tamato
#hopscotch #tbt
Me and Jess started a balloon animal making business around 2004. I was 16, she was 11. #tbt #NationalSiblingsDay #WhereDidAllofThatDisposableIncomeGo? #FirstBusinessPlan #EntrepreneurialSpirit
Teaching #VanityMetrics at @generalassembly tonight #social media #askaboutme ☺️ (at General Assembly East)